Packaging Solutions

ISOFlex Packaging manufactures specialty plastic films and bags for shrink, barrier, laminating, coating, converting and can liners.

We are a high output, innovative producer of wide, specialty films for a variety of end-use markets, including:

Food & Beverage

o   Produce Films

o   Fresh and Frozen Food Packaging Films – Meat & Vegetables

o   Cereal Liners

o   Cheese Pouches

o   Snack Bags

o   Bottled Water Packaging

o   Beverage Pouches

o   Free-Standing Pouches

o   OTR Films from 150 OTR to 550 OTR

Consumer Goods

o   Detergents & Household Cleaner Packaging

o   Paper Products Packaging

o   Personal Products Packaging

o   Pet Food & Pet Treat Pouches

o   Pet Food Bags

o   Lawn & Garden Packaging

o   Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging

Institutional Products

o   Bio-Hazardous/Infectious Waste Can Liners

o   LLDPE Can Liners

o   HDPE Can Liners

o   Recycled Liners

o   Food & Ice Bags

o   Pallet Covers

Custom Industrial Film & Bags:

o   LDPE – Low Density

o   LLDPE – Linear Low Density

o   HDPE – High Density

o   mLLDEP – Metallocene Linear Low Density

Other Products:

o   Lamination Films

o   Printable Banner Films

o   Sealant Layer Films

o   Vertical and Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Films

o   Release Films

o   Lidding Stock

o   Protective Masking Films

o   Forming Webs

o   Mailer Pouch Films

o   Box Liners and Pallet Covers

o   Gas Flush Bags & Films